Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love/Hate Tag!

I wasnt tagged by anyone to do this but im doing it anyway :)


Nude lipstick such as MAC Myth, creme de nude or Elf's Natural Nymph! Their all my fave!

Lipliner, its just not for me! My lips look just fine without it. I guess you might  need  it if your wearing a bright red lip but im a nude girl so no thank you :)


MAC Sunbasque Blush. I use this as a bronzer one day and as a blush another day.It really warms up your face and makes your cheekbones pop!  :)
It has some shimmer in it but not too much so its perfect for me!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. I hate this product with a passion. It has NO coverage, staying power is literally 10 minutes, and it goes on like water? What is the point please tell me


Leave in Conditioners. Doesnt matter which brand i just love what they do to my hair. I usually use a hair mask instead of a conditioner as my hair is very dry and damaged. After I towel dry my hair I also use either a spray or lotion leave in conditioner to make it that extra healtier and shiny :)

Blonde on top and brown on bottom look or vica versa. Its so tacky! 'Nuff said


Eyeliner, Im currently using MAC fluidline with a Sigma angle brush. In my opinion it completes any eye look, makes your eyes bigger (if done the correct way) and the staying power of this baby is fantastic!

Short eyelashes!! :( Unfortunately I wasnt blessed with long lashes so im always on the lookout for a good lenghtening/voluminizing mascara. Ive tried YSL faux cils. yes its amazing but it dried up in 5 weeks? Its just not worth the money


Fake tan of course!! Ahh i cant say enough about it, basically EVERYTHING looks better with a tan. Makeup, jewelery, nail colours etc. At the moment im using St Moriz tan and Gosh's new lotion! Forgot the name sorry ladies :(

Shaving. Its so irritating and annoying. I wish I had the guts to wax! Its just way too painful.

Feel free to tag yourself!!
Hope you enjoyed reading this

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