Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Random Facts About Me

  • I hate getting drunk so when Im out I try not to drink too much or have water every half an hour.
  • Im always trying to loose weight
  • I love being in a relationship. Im with my boyfriend 2 and a half years
  • I love makeup more than clothes
  • Im addicted to fruit
  • Im allergic to a lot of things. Some strong smelling perfumes, body sprays, smell of new clothes, smell of new makeup brushes etc
  •  I think Desperate Housewives is the best show out there. 
  • I have a weird obsession with Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. Who doesn't? 
  • I will believe anything that people tell me
  • Id move from Ireland right now if I could. This country is miserable 

As you can probably tell Im not a very exciting person! 
Feel free to do this if you want to!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

INGLOT Purchases and more.

Today I went to Dundrum Shopping Center in Dublin. I went there specifically to go to Inglot because I needed a few bits for college. 
I was planning on getting a lot more but I got overwhelmed by everything and decided to leave it at that and come back in a few weeks when I have my student card and can get my 20% discount :) 
While I was in Dundrum I also went to River Island and Boots to pick up a few other things!
Heres a few pictures... 

The palettes

Concealer Pallete €22

Blush palette €35

 Eyeshadow Palette €45

 Some swatches, the eyeshadows were only swiped once! Amazing pigmentation

Brush belt €35
 And thats it for my Inglot purchases.
 It took me about an hour to choose the colors as there were so many!
I love everything that I got and cant wait to go back to get some more

Now on to my other goodies...

Hairspray brushes. All €9

Hairspray lashes €3. I will probably use these on bottom lashes as their quite short

 Aussie leave-in hair conditioner
Neutrogena 2-in-1 wash 

 River Island baggy top €14 it was on sale 

 I also went to MAC and got a black paintpot which I couldnt get a picture of because my camera died :/

Anyway.. I just want to say that everybody should try Inglot. the prices are very reasonable (cheaper than MAC) and the quality is amazzziiinnnnggg!!!
I wish I was gettin paid by Inglot to say this but im not haha I truly think that this brand deserves all the publicity that it can get. There are only a few stores around the world as their only getting started but if you have one near you definitely pay them a visit. 

And that is all :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Dilemma...

I need your help!
As you know Halloween is coming up and Its time to get our costumes out!

This year I decided to buy an actual costume rather than making it myself..
I found some pictures on e-bay that gave me an idea of what I could be!
I cut it down to 3!
Now if you girls could help me pick one that would be great because im just so damn undecisive


                                                                        Bumble Bee
French Maid

Now I know all these girls are models and the costumes look great on them! I am very small 5'3 and the dresses wont be so short on me! (Hopefully)
And yes, before you ask I did consider being a dead zombie or a vampire but im going out to a nightclub and I dont wanna end up like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls!

If you could tell me which outfit you like the most I would really appreciate it!
And dont forget to tell me what your dressing up as!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Small Haul!

As I mentioned in my last post I picked up a few small things before I started college!
Its not much at all but I thougth Id make another post out of it :)

 This ring is from Miss Selfridge! It was half price so I got it for €6. I had a little bit of a disaster with this ring, I was trying to open it from its packaging and cut 2 of my fingers. I didnt notice untill I had blood all over my white scarf! Not good! Oh and im really sorry for the overly-fake-tanned hand! I know it looks nasty but its gone now after I scrubbed my hands
                         I got this cardigan in a shop called Rude! It was €19. Hooraaay for Brgains!
And I have finalyl filled my MAC palette! So proud :)
The e/s I got yesterday are chrome yellow and romp

I am now going to try and fill my blush palette!

Have you purchased anything nice lately?


On Monday I started my night course in Facial Makeup. Its once a week for 4 months and at the end I sit 2 exams and come out with an ITEC Diploma!
I met some lovely girls and we all got on really well!
Before I went in I also did a little shopping :) Ill post pictures at the end!

Here is what I wore to class!
Cardigan: Penneys
Black Dress: Some small store in Dublin.
Tights: Penneys

I also wore black ankle boots from Penneys
As you can see I love Penneys/Primark! Im a cheap skate and dont shop in Topshop or River Island as much just because Id rather spend my money on makeup. I work all week so all I ever wear is Black!

Now on to my face :/

Concealer: Mac studio fix in NC15 and NC30 mixed together
Foundation: Revlon Colour Stay
Powder: Mac msf
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Blush: Mac Sunbaque

Mac painpot in bare study
Mac e/s retrospeck all over the lid
Mac e/s Mulch in the crease
Mac e/s Handwritten in the outer V
Mac fluidline in Blacktrack
Rimmel Falsies Mascara

Mac Myth

And that is all lovelies

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This album is going to feature artists such as Drake in "Whats my name" and Nicki Minaj in "Raining Men"
This album is said to be sassy and flirtatious and you have to listen to it loud, thats how it sounds best.

The album is released on November 15

I am living for this day


I know its only October and Im already planning my Summer Getaway!
Since i didnt go away last year I feel like I need a break from everything this upcoming summer.
My best friend is planning the whole thing so all I need to do is pay...
Now shes been asking me for Ideas on where to go and I have no Idea?
Somewhere in Spain or Portugal with some lovely sandy beaches and crazy nightlife!!

Id love if you could tell me where youve been and what resorts you recommend!

Dont these pictures just make you want to be on a beach with a coctail getting a tan!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Another Great Giveaway! Please Enter

Claire is having a lovely giveaway for all her Subbies!
She is giving away a professional flat iron!
Please check out her channel and subscribe! 


Amazing Giveaway

First of all Id like to congratulate FunnyFaceBeauty on getting 300 subscribers even though she is now on 900!
She is currently running the competition on her blog and anyone can enter!
Please visit her page for more information on Rules and Entry requirements on

The competition ends on the 10th of October!
Good luck girlies

How to get your brushes squeaky clean

Most of my Brushes are from Sigma Makeup! I have some random ones from MAC, Elf, Clarins and my latest obsession Crown brushes! 
I used to just clean my brushes with baby shampoo but I always found that they were never completely clean. 
Id like to share a little tip for getting rid of foundation out of your brushes!
I care for my brushes just as I would for my body, skin and hair.
I exfoliate, shampoo and condition :)

Here are my dirty brushes!

I use these two products to clean my brushes
St. Ives Body Polish
Simple baby all-in-one wash 

                                 The body scrub is very moisturizing and has quite large grains in it
                 In my opinion this works better than normal shampoo because it breaks up the foundation in the bristles and its then easily rinsed out with water. 

I use about this much for one brush

I only use this exfoliator only my foundation brushes.

I then wash my other brushes with simple baby shampoo and condition them with this lovely apple smelling conditioner!! Its very cheap but does the job!
I find that if i skip this step my brushes are not soft and scratch my face! 

                                                                Clean and soft makeup brushes!

Let me know if youve tried this method and it also worked for you!
Thank you for reading

MAC's upcoming collection

Some of the palettes are quite nice but the packaging just completely ruins the collection in my opinion.
A little message for MAC: Please stop releasing collections every second week. They get boring and customers cant keep up.

What do you think of this collection?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miss Selfridge SALE wants

I love shopping in Miss Selfridge!!!
They always have gorgeous dresses,skirts and tops! One thing that I dont like is that their sizes are tiny. Im normally an 8 and im a 10 in this shop! It makes me think that I put on weight....

 Cream Ruffle Shoulder Dress £12
 Nude Bow Front Dress £15
                                               Cream Long Sleeve Cutout Shoulder £10
                                                             Plain Corsage Tunic £15
                                                             Embellished Cornelli Top £15
 Cream Daisy Trim Dress £20
                                                          Stone Bomber Jacket £37

As you can see im a big fan of dresses! I love wearing them with opaques, ankle boots and a leather jacket or a long cardi! These are the sale prices!

If you know of any other other sales going on at the moment please let me know :)