Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Accessories Haul

Hi Dolls!

I know I haven't blogged in about 3 weeks but I just felt like I had nothing to talk about and didn't want to bore you with pointless pictures etc.. 

I have been shopping quite a lot recently since my holiday was cancelled I felt like I could go mad buying everything I put my eye on. 

 I mentioned this before but I was never big in to wearing watches. They felt too heavy on my little wrist and I felt like I could just check the time on my phone. This has now changed and I've gone mad for buying watches. Its one particular style that I like and Im determined to have it in every color. 

This one I got in a little shop in Wexford which I cant remember the name of!
It was €15 but then it cost me €10 to remove the links to make it smaller but I didn't mind paying that since I think the watch is perfect for summer and great for brightening up an outift

The next one I got in Newlook and it was €12.99
It also comes in purple, pink, yellow and orange
you can get it here

I also felt like I needed some more going out shoes that were a little more summery and comfortable. 

I blogged about these babies before and I ended up going for the red pair. 
I got them here
They are actually very comfortable and I lasted in them all night without any pain or discomfort. 
So here they are :)

Next pair I got in Penneys/Primark. 
They are perfect to wear with shorts or a summery dress. They are extremely comfortable and I cant wait to wear them
They were €21

I needed a pair of casual shoes to wear with leggings that were not ballet flats! I decided to go with Converse shoes.
I was actually quite embarrassed buying these because I had to get a kids size but I saved €10 doing so ! :)
They were €39.99

I hardly ever wear earrings because my ears are very sensitive but I thought Id give them a go and see if I can wear them!

The first pair I got in Penneys and their already fluffing out :(
They were €2

Last but not least are these cute heart shaped earrings I got in Newlook! They are adorable and not too heavy
They were €3.99

This was a collective haul and I didn't buy it all in one day! It was more like 2 weeks!

Thank you for reading lovelies and I hope you enjoyed :)