Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My tattoos!

The first question that I always get asked is " does it hurt". Of course it does, its like being stabbed with a needle over and over again. Oh wait? Thats exactly what it is hehe
I got my first tattoo 2 years ago, It felt like the worst pain of my life because i got it on my ankle. Its only small and didnt take too long. I payed about €30 for it as I got it done on holidays! Thats considered to be a bargain as the minimum price in most Tattoo Parlours in Ireland is €60
My reason for gettin this tattoo is unexplainable, i got it done purely because its pretty :)
My second tattoo is even smaller and I got it done 1 and a half years ago again on Holidays! Its a music note behind my ear and simply meants that I have a passion for music! No I dont sing or play an instrument but I do listen :)
It didnt hurt so much and only about 5 minutes or less. Its visible when I have my hair up but ive had 2 jobs since I got it done and nobody ever mentioned it. I think tattoos are beoming more acceptable now.

I got my third tattoo about 9 months ago In Wild Cat Stephens Green Shopping Centre in Dublin. I got the idea from Rihanna, she has this tattoo on her collar bone. Dont think i am copying her for the pure reason because shes Rihanna, No! I love the meaning of it and have been searching for a quote that would catch my eye. It only took about 10 minute and even though it hurt the tattoo artist talked to me non stop and that made me a little bit distracted. I paid €60 for this baby :) I know you cant tell but this is on my right side/hip
ps. sorry for the tan lines...yiiiikes

On to the last one!
My biggest one!!
This took 2 and a half hour, and oh yes it hurt like hell! I got this done in SnakeBite Dublin. The most amazing place ever, very friendly and professional staff! This cost me €250 a bit on the pricey side but it was worth it! My Boyfriend came in with me, and on the way i picked up 4 lollies! They helped so much as I had something to bite in to! And also it gives you a sugar rush which is ment to ease the pain! My tattoo artist said that I was very good and didnt move one bit, it was easy to work with me :) I was glad to hear that but it didnt make the pain go away!
As i got up she asked if she could take photos for her portfolio, after 2 minutes of standing i felt like i was going to faint. I felt dizzy and nearly blacked out :/
This tattoo is now a week old :) Im still putting Bepanthen on it to help it heal nicely! I cant have a bath for about a month, and no fake tan for 3 weeks "sad face" haha

Yes people have said to me what happens when your 25-30 and you dont want the tattoo anymore. To be honest im not thinking that far ahead, when im older most people will have tattoos and it will be pretty much acceptable everywhere and by anyone (hope so anyway) Im living for today and enjoying every minute of it so ask yourself why not?
If you are against tattoos and dont like mine its ok :) not everybody will!But I love mine they are a part of my body just like me ears and my nose! I will never want to get rid of my ears!!
Thank you for reading


  1. Wow giiirl theyre gorgeous! The rose one is my fave. I love that its huge! It makes such a statement.
    Very pretty indeed :) xx

  2. Thanks Aoife :) Glad you like it, its my fave too!! xox

  3. They are gorgeous!
    I totally agree about the ankle, mine hurt like heck!
    & your last tattoo is beautiful, & I also agree about the pain of that, I got a tattoo on my ribs 3 weeks ago! But I'm sure yours was much more painful xx

  4. Thank you!
    Ah i agree, ribs are the worst! It was some pain! Id love to see your tattoos if u can blog about them :)

  5. I'll post some pictures just now xx

  6. Just came across your blog linked on Aoife's and am now following :) Those tattoos are gorgeous! I have 1 and would get more if I wasn't so bloody indecisive! I agree, people saying 'what about when you're 70?' really gets on my nerves! Keep up the blogging lovely :) xxx

  7. hi, i just found your blog and I love the that you did a tattoo post. they are all gorgeous!