Friday, October 8, 2010

How to get your brushes squeaky clean

Most of my Brushes are from Sigma Makeup! I have some random ones from MAC, Elf, Clarins and my latest obsession Crown brushes! 
I used to just clean my brushes with baby shampoo but I always found that they were never completely clean. 
Id like to share a little tip for getting rid of foundation out of your brushes!
I care for my brushes just as I would for my body, skin and hair.
I exfoliate, shampoo and condition :)

Here are my dirty brushes!

I use these two products to clean my brushes
St. Ives Body Polish
Simple baby all-in-one wash 

                                 The body scrub is very moisturizing and has quite large grains in it
                 In my opinion this works better than normal shampoo because it breaks up the foundation in the bristles and its then easily rinsed out with water. 

I use about this much for one brush

I only use this exfoliator only my foundation brushes.

I then wash my other brushes with simple baby shampoo and condition them with this lovely apple smelling conditioner!! Its very cheap but does the job!
I find that if i skip this step my brushes are not soft and scratch my face! 

                                                                Clean and soft makeup brushes!

Let me know if youve tried this method and it also worked for you!
Thank you for reading

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