Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tip I Learned In College!

Id like to share a very unusual tip with all of you! Some people may think that this is weird, unhygienic and even dangerous .I learned this from my tutor and shes been working on fashion shows and celebrities for 15 years and this technique has never failed her. 
Now you must be wondering what the hell is it?

I introduce you to Mr. Engine Cleaner!
Now what she uses it for is cleaning makeup brushes!
She had it in a spray can and it was an absolute gem to get foundation of your brushes!
To be honest I was very skeptical at first! I asked loads of questions such as is this going to irritate my face and is it safe to use on my brushes and the answers were no and yes! 
Later on in the week I decided to try it myself and  my dad happened to have engine cleaner in the shed! I poured a little in an empty MAC bottle and took a few pictures for you! 

A dirty Sigma 188 brush 

 The foundation came right off!

 Clean Brush!

When your done with this you can dip your brush in some translucent powder and that will soak up any residue that might be left on the bristles!
Ive cleaned my brushes this way a few times and Ive had no problems with it.
Its a much cheaper way of spot cleaning your brushes and believe it or not but this works ten times better than my mac brush cleaner. You can get engine cleaner in Woodies or any DIY shops and it wont cost you any more than €5-8 
Let me know if you try this method and you like it! 

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