Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Santy....

 Christmas is in 5 weeks, can you believe it?
I cant wait for all the nights out, yummy food and pressies :)
If I could have one present it would be a car. But im not getting one so my wishlist consists of smaller items such as make up clothes and other beauty related stuff!

I've been wanting this Sigma Premium Kit since the first day it came out. I have the original Kit which I got last Christmas and I adore it! The quality just cant compare to anything else that I own.
My favourite perfume has to be Calvin Kleins Euphoria! I havent owned it for a while since I dont buy my own perfume ( thats whats birthdays are for ) It reminds me of winter, snow and cold. Im also allergic to a lot of frangnances but not this! It was made for me!!!

I've collected quite a few things from MAC but its an addiction, and i need to feed it!
I need a blush palette so I can depot my blushes, and also some more eyeshadows and lipsticks!
The Holiday palettes are gorgeous and I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of them!

Liz earle Skincare!
Everyone raves about the cleanse and polish cleanser! I want to try it just because It involves using a muslin cloth. I love skincare, the first step to having even make up is having good skin.
Im not sure if we can get this in Ireland (suprise suprise ) but I can always order it online :)

A new tattoo!
I know exactly what i want and where I want it. Its just the matter of getting it done!
You may think, oh dont you have enough already? Its my body and thats what I want to do with it. I want to be a cool granny with loads of tattoos haha :)
Just like her!


and that is all...
Im not very picky and I dont need expencive gifts! Its the thought that matters!
On this note I will be doing a Christmas Giveaway this week so keep an eye out for it!

Thank you for reading I appreciate all my 21 followers :)

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