Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Obsession

Yes Ive only had this for a few hours but I just painted my nails with it and I LOVE IT! 
So Im sharing it with all of you :)

Have you tried this?
If so what color do you think it looks best over? I have it over silver nail polish!


  1. Love this, esp over glittery colours! I had it over hot pink and it looks great, glad you love it :)

  2. ah, i just got an email that my order is arrived, so all i need to do is pick up two bottles of this. I'll try it with white first or a yellow one!

  3. I cant wait to use it with different colors, I have a blue glitter polish which might look good! And i agree about the yellow! Leopard print!! :)

  4. I'm currently wearing this over China Glaze silver and it's fab! Mesmerising when u first use it! Pics on my blog! :)