Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi Dolls!♥
How many of us have looked at a Chanel handbag and thought this will be mine one day! 
Im not the type of person that would starve myself for weeks just to save enough for a pair of Louboutons or a LV Handbag but there are certain things that I would like to own in the future. 

So here they are:
Christian  Louboutin Boots as seen on Dulce Candy
They are so extremely sexy but I could not find the price for them anywhere, they are not on the website anymore. Im guessing the original price is around $1,200
Chanel J12 Unisex $3,525
I first saw a watch similar to this one on Lorraine Stanick 
It is simply amazing and I would love to own this item before anything else on the list. 

Armani Exchange oversized sunglasses $125
I love oversized sunglasses but I dont have many pairs since there isnt much sun in Ireland. 

Christian Louboutins Mad Marta $1,295
I love ankle boots and own many pairs. But these beat them by a mile. 
I love the peep toe and they have a rock chic feel to them.
The red sole is amazing. Just thinking I might cheat and paint the soles of my shoes red! 

Chanel Classic Flap Bag $825
Perfect for nights out. I own so many copies of this in every colour possible. But they never seem to last long. 

But for now I will continue to shop in Penneys :) 
I apologize for the lack of posts lately, I promise to get back in to it!
Happy belated Valentines Day!


  1. ï have similar boots to these, they are so pretty :)

  2. Those Mad Marta Loubouton's are amazing! If only I could afford them...sigh...

  3. Here's my dream buy at the moment. I know it's not that far out of my budget but just not an affordable splurge right now