Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time for a change?

Every girl goes through a phase when everything is dull and you simply need to make a change. Im going through one of these phases right now. 
I've had blonde hair since I was 13. I changed it once 3 years ago, but went back to my blonde locks within a couple of months. 
Lately its been getting very dull and only looks good on the day that I wash it! 
So I do feel like I need to change it up a bit! Nothing to drastic but maybe a tone or two darker. Or three?

Now its you thats going to make the decision for me!!  :)
I am extremely indecisive and  I always need other peoples opinion to make up my own. 
Here is what I like!

I could always go back blonde right?

Oh and here is my hair :)

and when I got the bob and went dark

So tell me what should I do?


  1. I think its always good to try something new and its not like you would be going to exremes like you say you can alway go back to blonde.
    I love the pics of the colors you chose they all look nice :)

  2. Too bad their all celebrities and have their own personal hairdressers to style their hair everyday :( :( :(

  3. I love Kim Kardashians blonde colour, it'd look so nice on you! I know what you mean about wanting a change, I left the same a few weeks ago xx

  4. I think you look better with darker hair. You can try the colour like the girl in the 1st pic :)

  5. Go for it! It's always good to make a change once in a while. I think you would look great with a warm colour like the pic of Jennifer Aniston ;)

  6. I really love Jennifer Aniston's hair (=

  7. Oh i think something like Jennifer Anistons would be fab!! Caramel honey kind of tones!! Ps.... you look sooo different in all your pics!!I never know what to picture in my head when i'm talkin/typing to ya! Heehee!

  8. i changed mine to blonde a couple years ago as i was getting fed up of having the same colour x