Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once again I spend more money that I shouldnt have.

This is going to be a haul from the meet up on Sunday :) 
You can read all about it in the post below. 

I was looking to buy some clothes for Spring as its getting a lot warmer here in Ireland. I was delighted with all my purchases although I probably should have saved that money for the summer :/ 

First it was Forever 21

I got this dress for €15. 


Love this dress but it needs to be turned up. Way too long :( 
It was €29.95

€2.95 for this little gem. 

New Look

 I bought this shirt/dress a few days before the meet up but I thought I would include it in this post. It looks like a baggy pillow case in the picture but its lovely on! 
It was €29.95

This was also bought a few days before the meet up. I love it so much!!
It was also €29.95


Not a massive fan of the packaging...

but the product is amazing!!
MAC Wonderwoman MSF in Pink Power

Paintpot in constructivist 

 I got other small things but I didnt take pictures of them. 

I think I will stop shopping for a while I think I might have a problem :/ 

Thank you for reading lovelies :)


  1. yaay for the meetup! really like the dresses lovely! i have constructivist, its beautiful! x

  2. Loving these pieces that you bought <3

  3. God, that fecking Wonder Woman packaging.....rank! The actual product looks fa - similar to the Sephora Sculpting disc!

  4. I think the paintpot might actually be my favorite purchase of the day!! I wore it alone today and it looks so pretty!!
    Laura your so right and its probably half the price and more pigmented.