Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hi Dolls! 
I got these little beautys for my mum for Christmas. 

I was more excited about them that she was, and after a few weeks I noticed that she hasnt used them at all. Obviously she didnt understand the whole Origins hype like I did. So I gave them a new home.. My room :) 

I paid €40 for the 3 products which was a good price considering the VitaZing Moisturiser is about €35 on its own. 

So here is my mini review :)

Origins Drink-Up Overnight Mask
This mask is lovely. When I had extremely dehydrated skin over the cold months it really helped to get it back to normal. It really put the moisture back in. Ive stopped using it since because my skin has changed. 

Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Moisturizer
The reason why I choose this gift box was mainly because of this product. Ive read/watched many reviews and was going to purchase it for myself but found that I couldnt afford it at the time. 
This is said to be a multi-tasking product as it hydrates and energizes your skin. Once rubbed in to your skin it turns a slightly darker color matching your own skin color. 

changing color

as you can see my hand looks darker

 This is what gives you the glow and not only that but it slightly covers the redness and imperfections. It is not a tinted moisturizer its something of its own kind. 
I find that I dont need as much concealer/foundation after applying this. It truly is a little gem. If I was you I'd get a sample of this at your Origins counter and give it a try. 

Origins GinZing eye cream 
This is said to brighten and depuff your eyes. It is applied after all your make up by gently patting it on. It also gets rid of your dark circles but not permanently just until you take your make up off. It works by reflecting the light away creating an illusion of brighter eyes. It does work but I find that it can crease your concealer and make it look weird. It a very runny consistency and Im just not sure about it? As I said it definitely works but Id rather use an eye cream before my make up or at night time.

So you can see that Im a huge fan or VitaZing and everything else is also good but not amazing. 

If you agree or disagree with me do leave a comment and let me know. 

Kisses xox


  1. Ohh, that moisturizer sounds fab!

  2. Great blog but do you have a facebook page dedicated to this blog??