Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Brights

Hi Dolls!
I recently took a trip to Dublin to buy some basics for work such as black clothes and some new shoes.
I also picked up some tank tops and underwear from Penneys which you dont need to see. 

I was extremely good and didn't buy any make up what so ever! But I did pick up what I thought were essentials for the hot weather that we've been having recently. 

The first thing I got was this skirt from H&M 
It fits me beautifully and only cost €7.95
They also had this in black, mint and a hot pink I believe but this was the most attractive color.

I needed a new cardigan but I didnt want another black or brown one. 
When I saw this fushia cardi I fell in love. It will be perfect for the summer to throw over a little dress. 
I apologize about the picture, my camera just wouldnt focus :(
This was €13.95

I already own a denim jacket from last year. I got it from Penneys in the kids department. It is a light wash cropped jacket. I literally wore it all summer.
When I saw this in Penneys I had to have it
It is a full length denim jacket. I already know that this will be worn to death. 
It was €17

You can never have too many flats so I got these simple grey ones which were only €4

As I already mentioned I got loads of everyday basics such as underwear, tank tops and black shoes for work. I think that Penneys is the best place for that
Im also developing a slight obsession for H&M since they start bringing out  clothes that is actually wearable. 

Overall I think I didnt do that big of a damage to my bank account since I am trying to save for a holiday which has yet to be booked :/ 

All you ladies that are on midterm from school or college enjoy it while you can!
I am currently slaving away in work doing 12 hour shifts :(


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