Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review on Estee Lauders Double Wear Foundation

First of all let me start off by saying this is my first ever high end foundation so i  haven't had much experience but in my opinion I can still give a good review :) 
The foundation costs €34 here in Ireland and you can get it in Brown Thomas, Arnotts, and in some chemists. 
It claims to have Medium to Full Coverage and have a 15-hour staying power. It also has an SPF of 10 which is always good to protect our delicate skin but no so good for photography :( The foundation is 
  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Fragnance-free
Now I have this foundation in two shades, Ecru 16 and Pale Almond 02. I got color matched at my local department store when i was wearing fake tan, and they recommended me Pale Almond. I happily went along and purchased it, until i got home and realized how pink it actually was. My skin is far from pink its more neutral than anything so I was very disappointed. However I continued wearing it as it didnt look too bad with powder on top and some bronzer. 
The second time I got color matched I was given Ecru. A very light neutral shade. It suits my skin tone perfectly now that im pale. 
What I found was that the coverage is phenomenal. It covers my uneven skin tone and acne scars perfectly. I have very enlarged pores and it made my skin very even. It did not make my skin shiny at all, although I did touch up with MAC's mineralized skinfinish natural throughout the day. 
There is a brilliant variety of colors to choose from and you can even get a matching concealer which I might have to try soon and do a review on it. 
The foundation did not break me out, and let me point out that I am prone to break outs and have to be very careful with what i put on my face. I didn't feel "suffocated" having this on, but then again I am quite used to wearing heavier foundation to cover my acne scars. 
The only downside in my opinion is the packaging. It comes in a glass bottle with no pump. So you have to pour out the foundation and most of the time you will pour too much. 
Overall I give this foundation two thumbs up for making me look pretty without much hastle :)


  1. Heya! Just started following you! :) I must check out Penneys! What makeup course are you doing in October?! Im starting one next year!
    Ya having a nice weekend?! xx :)

  2. Thanks Aoife :) im also a follower on Youtube!! Im starting facial make up in Portobello, and Dun Laoghaire next year! What one are you doing? xx

  3. Aw cool! Thanks for following :) I was looking at the one in Portobello it looks good! I might do a course in LA Makeup Academy in town! Where are you living at the mo!? You are gorgeous by the way!! :) x

  4. I was looking in to LA Makeup as well, i was a model for them once but their part time course is 2 times a week and im working full time :( I live in Wicklow in Blessington and you hun? Thankin you and same goes to you, also great taste in shoes ;) xox

  5. Haha thank you! I do love shoes!! How long is the course in Portobello for?! Ooh Wicklow not far from me! I live in South Dub, near Dundrum!
    Do you have twitter or anything?! x

  6. Oh not far at all :) Portobello is once a week for 16 weeks! so basically 16 classes! Have you considered Dun Laoghaire, Little Kiva from youtube studied there, its a brill college! Nope i only have my personal facebook, im new to this whole blogging scene but have been a fan for a while! :) xox

  7. oh cool! Yeah I actually asked her where she did her course! Not sure yet though, still looking, i have my final year of college this year so one step at a time!
    Ah right ok, its just this commenting on blogspot thing is annoying cos i dont know if you reply i just have to keep randomly checking!
    Good weekend?! x

  8. I made a Twitter, and added you :) now teach me how to talk to people on it haha :)
    Yep not a bad weekend, could be alot better though. Took a year out to work and save some mula but now my hours are getting cut :/ xox