Wednesday, October 20, 2010

INGLOT Purchases and more.

Today I went to Dundrum Shopping Center in Dublin. I went there specifically to go to Inglot because I needed a few bits for college. 
I was planning on getting a lot more but I got overwhelmed by everything and decided to leave it at that and come back in a few weeks when I have my student card and can get my 20% discount :) 
While I was in Dundrum I also went to River Island and Boots to pick up a few other things!
Heres a few pictures... 

The palettes

Concealer Pallete €22

Blush palette €35

 Eyeshadow Palette €45

 Some swatches, the eyeshadows were only swiped once! Amazing pigmentation

Brush belt €35
 And thats it for my Inglot purchases.
 It took me about an hour to choose the colors as there were so many!
I love everything that I got and cant wait to go back to get some more

Now on to my other goodies...

Hairspray brushes. All €9

Hairspray lashes €3. I will probably use these on bottom lashes as their quite short

 Aussie leave-in hair conditioner
Neutrogena 2-in-1 wash 

 River Island baggy top €14 it was on sale 

 I also went to MAC and got a black paintpot which I couldnt get a picture of because my camera died :/

Anyway.. I just want to say that everybody should try Inglot. the prices are very reasonable (cheaper than MAC) and the quality is amazzziiinnnnggg!!!
I wish I was gettin paid by Inglot to say this but im not haha I truly think that this brand deserves all the publicity that it can get. There are only a few stores around the world as their only getting started but if you have one near you definitely pay them a visit. 

And that is all :)


  1. I absolutely love the look of that palette, the pigmentation of the shadows is amazing! Will deffo check that out come payday :)

  2. Fabulous palettes! Really wish there was an Inglot in Cork. I've been to the one in Liffey Valley and in Times Square in New York. Can't wait togo again! Will you be putting up the numbers of the shadows u got? I'm eyeing a few!!

  3. I was trying to take the pans out of the palette when i was writing this post but they wouldnt come out! Ill need something shart to take them out! But yeah ill put up the numbers soon! :) I tried the orange and the brown together looks lovely!

  4. Those eyeshadows are gorgeous :) Love the River Island top too! xx