Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Dilemma...

I need your help!
As you know Halloween is coming up and Its time to get our costumes out!

This year I decided to buy an actual costume rather than making it myself..
I found some pictures on e-bay that gave me an idea of what I could be!
I cut it down to 3!
Now if you girls could help me pick one that would be great because im just so damn undecisive


                                                                        Bumble Bee
French Maid

Now I know all these girls are models and the costumes look great on them! I am very small 5'3 and the dresses wont be so short on me! (Hopefully)
And yes, before you ask I did consider being a dead zombie or a vampire but im going out to a nightclub and I dont wanna end up like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls!

If you could tell me which outfit you like the most I would really appreciate it!
And dont forget to tell me what your dressing up as!

1 comment:

  1. I have a bumble bee one which i wore last year, i think they're so cute! I reckon you should go for the bee or Goldie locks.
    I've seen a cute Alice in wonderland one on ebay i've been thinking of getting this year x