Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miss Selfridge SALE wants

I love shopping in Miss Selfridge!!!
They always have gorgeous dresses,skirts and tops! One thing that I dont like is that their sizes are tiny. Im normally an 8 and im a 10 in this shop! It makes me think that I put on weight....

 Cream Ruffle Shoulder Dress £12
 Nude Bow Front Dress £15
                                               Cream Long Sleeve Cutout Shoulder £10
                                                             Plain Corsage Tunic £15
                                                             Embellished Cornelli Top £15
 Cream Daisy Trim Dress £20
                                                          Stone Bomber Jacket £37

As you can see im a big fan of dresses! I love wearing them with opaques, ankle boots and a leather jacket or a long cardi! These are the sale prices!

If you know of any other other sales going on at the moment please let me know :)


  1. Really nice picks! Those first two dresses are really cute :)
    Wish I couldve gone to BITE but didnt get the chance, you got loads! Those brushes look really nice too :)
    Hope youre well doll! xx

  2. Its on again around Easter time, keep an eye out for it its definetly worth a visit!! The crown brushes are my fav ill be ordering some more their dirt cheap!