Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 10 MAC eyeshadows

MAC eyeshadows are my favourite! The pigmentation is great and I love how there as so many lovely colours to choose from. 
Well here is my top 10 in no particular order

 KID (it chipped when i was depotting it)
 CARBON ( its very blurry but its just a matte black)
 PLUMAGE (blurry again sorry :( its also a matte colour)

That is all for my favourites. As you can tell im a big fan of brown eyeshadows for everyday neutral looks. On the weekend I like to add some colour using greens or blues blended with black usually.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?


  1. Just added Mulch and Handwritten to my wishlist! Some lovely neutrals here :) xxx

  2. Mulch and Handwritten look gorgeous together for a night out! I completely forgot to add Patina which is my fave neutral colour for everyday!! You should check that out too :)

  3. They all look like gorgeous colours :) I really want Phloof, Tempting and Mulch xxx

  4. They really are gorgeous hun! Ive had the 3 of them for about 4-5 months, use them everyday and still havent hit pan! Their very pigmented so i guess you dont need a lot! xxx

  5. Ohhh I'll defoo have to check them out this weekend, I'm in desperate need of some new MAC eyeshadows lol :) xxx