Friday, October 1, 2010

September In's & Out's!

Oh my god!
I just cant believe its already October, and Its Halloween in 30 days :)
I have a few ideas for what I want to be it just depends if I can find a decent costume to wear, or even make my own like i did last year! By the way I was a cat ... meow


There are days when I dont go anywhere after work and just stay in and relax! I like to put on a face mask, hair mask, paint my nails, bleach my teeth, do my tan, pluck my eyebrows. All those things make me feel really girly. I feel like I should be pampering myself more often but I just haven't got the time :( 

E-bay Shopping:
Internet shopping in general but lately Ive been finding good things on ebay. Believe it or not but my very first MAC item was from ebay. It was a mineralized skinfinish natural and as far as i can remember i paid around €32 for it and I thought I was getting a bargain untill i found out that it actually costs less in a actual MAC store. Silly me :/

Fake Tan: 
Now that its getting colder less skin is revealed. But that is not stopping me from religiously applying tan every 2-3 times a week!! At the mo im using St Moriz on my legs and GOSH self tan lotion on my upper body. It gives me a gorgeous glow and doesnt make me orange. As far as im concerned thats all i need in a tan :)

I love neutral colours, on my eyes, lips, face.. everywhere! Every now and again i opt for a splash of colour but not often... Even my nails are painted a skin colour! Last month I was all about corals, so im sure this will change soon.


Gel nails:
I got them done last month for my Debs and i guess they were ok, not great. I prefer short nails. Everything, and i mean everything gets stuck under them. Makeup, food, soap.. etc! Never mind the very noticeable regrowth, yikes! Theres no way im paying €35 to get them redone, not worth it! 

Cleaning my makeup brushes:
Its such an effort. They never seem to be fully clean no matter how many times I wash them. I deep clean mine one a week, and spot clean them every day! 

This speaks for itself. 

My skin constantly changing:
A while ago I was oily and prone to breakouts. Now I have skin as dry as the sahara desert.. how cheesy haha
But its been hurting my bank account trying to fugure out what products suit my skin now and even thought im not oily anymore i do still get occasional pimples. 

And that is all i can think of :)
Thank you for reading


  1. Great post lovely! I agree about the pampering days, sometimes you just need a few hours to yourself to make yourself feel girly and pretty. xxx

  2. Hands up for pampering and neutral colours now in the fall season!!
    You look really pretty in the sidebar pics!

  3. I love Ebay for a good bargain too and St Moriz :) xx