Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clinique Buys

I was looking to try a new foundation and remembered that a while ago I tried a sample of Cliniques Repairwear. At the time my skin was very oily so the foundation didnt really stay on, after all it is marketed for dry/normal skin. But what did stand out was the amazing coverage. I didnt have to use any concealer and it made my skin look flawless!
Since then my skin has become very dry and dull so hopefully the foundation will keep it nice and moisturized during the winter time!
The store assistant told me that if I purchased another product I would get a free full size concealer and a foundation brush! So I had a look around and decided to get the pore minimizer serum as I do have extremely large pores :/ 
After one day of wearing this foundation I can now tell you that it is by far the best foundation I have ever tried beating MAC studio fix and Estee Lauders Doublewear!
It stayed on all day without getting patchy or flaky.
I cant explain to you how great it actually looks. Not one bit cakey more natural than anything else.
In this case a little bit really does go a long way so bear that in mind!
The foundation is ment for mature skin but its perfectly suitable for young skin! It just has extra coverage and very moisturizing! It didnt cause any breakouts the last time and hopefully wont this time but I will keep you updated!

 The foundation costs €33 and the pore minimizer is €25.
Ive only used the pore minimizer twice and cant tell how good it is, but it did make my skin smooth and acted as a good primer for the foundation.

 The concealer also seems lovely, I just used it to brighten my under eye area and it looked nice!
The foundation brush is quite small but very soft! I used it on one of the girls that evening and she said it felt amazing on her skin. 

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchases and I will be doing a review on both products soon! 
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Looking forward to the reviews, I havent gotten a new high end foundation in a while and am always on the lookout for one :)

  2. I have the pore minimizer its a good primer... it can dry up and look chalky if not rubbed in right x

  3. Uhm yes i agree it can go a little chalky! But its a good product and well worth the hasstle :)xx