Sunday, November 7, 2010

Modelling with LA Makeup Academy

Just to put that out there haha...
I will never be one either, Im 5'3 which is too small and I dont have "a model face" if you know what I mean ;)
A while ago I applied to be a model for a Makeup school! A couple of months after they rang me and since then ive been there twice and have some nice photographs to share with you!
The first time the looks they created were high fashion and a going out look!
I had so much fun and it was a great experience since I am training to become a makeup artist myself!

High Fashion

                                                                      Going Out Look

I didnt photoshop the photos, the photographer did! I wasnt happy that he made my hair look grey but what can you do :/

The second time they called was last Wednesday and I went in on Thursday morning!
The first look was natural ( almost no makeup) and a Bridal look!

Natural (I know I look very young with barely any makeup)
                                                                 and a Bridal look

This was the first time I tried a dark lipstick on myself.. I think I will stick with my neutrals and pinks haha!
These photos were only send to me the other day and they havent been touched up yet!
I am not allowed to post these on facebook or anywhere else but here I am breaking the rules just so you guys can see :)

I also took my own photos!

The girl that did my makeup was amazing!
Shes actually a model and is training to become a makeup artist also!
Shes my hero!

                                                            The face chart she was working off
                                               I loved my hair! I now own an extra 30 bobby pins! Score ;)

What do you think of these makeup looks?
Which one is your favourite?



  1. Look at you mizz model!!! you look gorgeous :) I love the going out look and I lovvve your hair in the bridal look :) good luck in the giveaway hehe

  2. Thanks Karen :) Im in love with the hair too, gonna try do it myself tomorrow! It will probably be a big fail though :(

  3. I love the going out and natural look, plus you can really rock a scalp plait! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower! x

  4. I have to say I love the red lip! Really chic :) I'm only 5'2.5", so no modelling for me either! x

  5. I love the going out and bridal looks! I love the hair in the last pics too -how did they do it??!

    P.S. No modeling ever for me either at 5'0 or 5'1ish. I wanted to be one when I was little since my mom was a designer and I thought models were the most amazing people ever but realized I'd never get anywhere NEAR that height!

  6. I like the High fashion look ^^ I think it adds a certain zest to your look

  7. i am going to be doing some modeling in la make up acdamey next week and am really nervous, have you any tips??x

  8. No modelling for me either, being 6'4" and about three decades too late.

    You may not be happy that I made your hair grey, but I'm not happy that you used unfinished pictures of mine despite your acknowledgement:

    "I am not allowed to post these on facebook or anywhere else but here I am breaking the rules just so you guys can see :)"

    It's a surprisingly small industry - people talk ...