Sunday, November 7, 2010

My fave nailpolish of the month!

I recently got my gels removed and my nails are in a horrible mess :(
They wont grow, keep breaking and very very thin!
I try not to use bright colours on my nails as it will highlight any bumps or cracks in my nails so I stick with neutrals!
I found this gorgeous colour in Superdrug for about €5

It lasts for about a week with minimal chipping! I achieved this colour after two coats!
I love any Rimmel polishes, they always have great colours and the texture is lovely :)

Whats your favourite polish of the month?

1 comment:

  1. I bought a colour v similar to this just the other day - Rimmel Lycra Wear 462 Milk Chocolate! It's barely brown to me though, more nude and I think it's very similar to this colour. I love them both :)

    If you could please check out my blog to see what you think? I'm new to blogging so not got many followers yet, but if it's not your thing then no worries!

    Lauren x