Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Hi Dolls!

Rimmel released a new foundation a while back called Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation.
I dont own many low end foundations as I tend to buy more expensive ones for some unknown reason. 
I decided to give this a go after spotting it in my local pharmacy for an introductory price of €6.25

What Rimmel say:
Rimmel London introduces Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, our first foundation that is sweat,  heat, humidity and transfer-proof for up to a full 25 hours. 

What I say:
I put this foundation on at 10am and went for a 10k walk with my friend. Later that day I went to work and got home at 10pm. Thats 12 hours of wearing the foundation, to be honest I can never see myself wearing make up for 25 hours as I will always take it all off before I go to bed. Yes even after a night out with plenty of alcohol in my system. I would say that the foundation is a medium coverage but very buildable. 
When I got home I noticed that my make up still looked flawless and it wasnt shiny which it normally is. When I wear Estee Lauder it tends to wear off by the end of the day especially on my nose and chin. 
I was shocked at how well it lasted. I expected it to make me break out but today is day 5 of me wearing the foundation and not one blemish in sight. 
Today I went and picked up another bottle in a lighter shade for when Im not wearing fake tan.

Of course there is a downside, there is a very small selection of shades. My pharmacy only had 5. I checked online and they actually have 11. The lightest colour Ivory isn't light enough for pale Irish skin and the darkest colour Natural Beige isn't dark enough. 

All that aside I still rate this foundation 5/5 for the amazing durability. I think I will get another few shades for my kit. 

Hope this review was helpful and do let me know if you have tried this. 



  1. definitely going to try this xx

  2. I'm actually really surprised to hear you say it lasted. I've used other Rimmel foundations in the past and after only a few hours, the foundation would have come off. So i'm really keen to try this one now!
    Thanks for the review lovely :)

  3. I know Ive also tried other Rimmel foundation which literally melted away after a few hours. This is a miracle haha! Hope you enjoy it :) xox

  4. Ooh thanks for the review! This foundation seems really good, I definitely want to try it out!


  5. I bought this foundation too. Couldn't really try it on because, as you said, the bloody 'Ivory' shade is not light enough for me...will have to wait for summer or when I fake tan!

  6. I am normally anti anti Rimmel, except for their nail varnishes that is. The shade options are worrying me but I'm going to take the plunge. Hopefully that'll be the price in my local boots as that's a bargain!!!

  7. I am a Rimmel fan, thanks for the post! By the way, here is how I get my Rimmel Lip gloss samples for free.......

  8. Love reading ur posts! So i followed!! Keep it up :) x