Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TAG: 4 Product Challenge

Hi Dolls!
I was tagged by lovely Laura over at FitzNBitz to do this tag. Since this is my first day off work in ages Its about time I do some blogging! 

This is about narrowing down make up products to just 4!! Which seems crazy for me because on a daily basis I  use about 10-15 different products on my face. 
So Lets Begin

1. Foundation
I would love to be one of them girls that gets away with wearing just tinted moisturiser or no make up at all. Unfortunately that is not the case. I've always struggled with my skin but Ive learned to deal with it and developed a proper skin care routine for myself. However foundation is something I will always use. It amazes me how flawless some products can make you look. My favorites at the moment are Estee Lauder Doublewear for heavy coverage and Chanel Matte Lumiere for a slighly lighter coverage when I have no blemishes. 

2. Cream Blusher
I love the consistency of cream blushers. I only own 3 but they get my full attention unlike others that lay in the back of my drawer. The reason why I picked cream blusher is because I dont like having no colour in my face. My favorite out of the three is Lady Blush by MAC. 

3. Eyeliner
I wear gel eyeliner almost everyday, I will sometimes skip eyeshadow and just draw on a flick and run out the door ( That is when I finish my face of course) 
At the moment Im using MAC Fluiline in Blacktrack which has lasted me for the last 10 months, I havent hit pan on it yet and it hasnt dried up one me. 

4. Mascara
I was going to pick lipstick but in reality I would probably wear mascara more. It definitely  is a staple in my make up bag although I still havent found my holy grail mascara. Im looking for something that wont smudge, flake, transfer on my eyelid, give me false looking lashes and wont clump! God im so picky!

And that is all :)
Thank you Laura for tagging me! 



  1. I agree with you on the foundation. My favorite is the Revlon ColorStay foundation.

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. I used colourstay for years! And still do! Its such a great foundation, pity its a little over priced here in Ireland. Its €17 euro and I heard its only about $9 in America! xox

  3. Almost the same list as me!! I absolutly must buy some cream blushes, I like the dewy effect of what i've seen!

  4. Haha yeah it is actually!! I think most people would choose those products anyway! Thanks for the tag again laura :) xox

  5. i'd love to one of those girls that doesn't need to wear foundation! and i haven't tried a cream blush, shocking! will have to now! x