Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WARNING: this is not a make up post

Hi Dolls!♥

I have never done a rant post on my blog. I think its about time I do one!
Ive been having a bad few weeks and I thought Id share haha just because I treat my blog as my personal diary! And if your here to read about make up only, I do apologize. 

  • First of all I've been having serious issues with my college. Our whole group complained and out tutor was let go. Yes she really was THAT BAD! We were told that we had plenty of time to start on our portfolios only to find out that everybody else started in October and we started in January. I asked for a refund so now I have to have meetings with the college and fight for my money! I am not impressed >:( 
  • I went to buy my first car 2 weeks ago, and after 2 hours of driving to get there the man told me he already made a deal with somebody else. I decided to offer him more money to which he said ok the car is yours. Then the other people arrived literally 2 minutes later and we had a huge argument. They ended up getting the car. What pissed me off was that If we had of got there 5 minutes earlier the car would have been mine. By the way it was a navy Toyota Yaris. Absolute beut.
  • My mother. She is currently 5 month pregnant and trust me if you think youve seen an emotinal woman your wrong. Her hormones are driving me crazy. Today she cried over me being disrespectful and not hanging up my coat. Oookk?? 
  • My skin. I dont know whats happening to it lately? Ive been breaking out like craaazy. I started using Clinique products and a few weeks later all these angry blemishes started appearing. I blame you overpriced Clinique!! 
  • My weight. I know girls are never happy with their appearance and I am one of them. I used to be a size 6-8. Then I went on the contraceptive pill and BOOM the weight just started piling on. Or maybe it was all the muffins and chippers. One or the other!! Since then I went off the pill hoping I would be able to fit back in to my skinnys. So far no progress, I am now usually a size 10. I do fit in to 8 but I feel more comfortable in 10. I tried dieting, but my affair with junk food was too powerful. I tried going on daily walks/jogs but I get too bored. My local gym is way too expensive so for now I will just have to try and cut out all the take aways and exercise more. 

I hope that didn't bore you too much but I just had to get it off my chest! :)
Please let me know if you experienced the same problems!
Happy Wednesday Lovelies 


  1. I'm actually kinda angry for you with the whole car business! and with the dieting thing... I recently have been struggling to get into some clothes that I love so I lost about half a stone on seriously this is amazing try it out, not that I think you need to loose weight at ALL but as you say girls are never happy with their weight! xx

  2. The car one sucks! The seller is so unethical =(

  3. Ugh... that car thing is soooo god dam annoying. I dealth with something similar and in the end out of principle I told his to shove it. Can't stand that crap. Awh your mother giving out to you for not hanging up your coat!.... that literally made me LOL!! Poor crater! I know how she feels!! Hope u get your money back from the college... feckers! xo

  4. If your skin is going nuts it's probably because you went off the pill. It happened to me too. Just wait it out.

  5. Hi Rebecca thank you for the recommendation Ill check out the website!! :)

    Isbel and Laura- Yeah I was devastated over the car! Especially because it was an amazing deal! I havent seen anything close to that price since then!! Maybe im just looking in the wrong place!

    And Christine your right I might just have to wait it out, drink plenty of water and cut out the junk, hopefully that will help!

  6. Love a good rant! Hope ya feel a bit more positive soon though! :)